Not Much Went to Plan Today

I have been really busy this morning, working on a house that needs a great deal of work. Jimmy and I were doing the kitchen, although just basically making it where it was not terrible. We were not doing any of the stuff we would do if we wanted to impress a buyer. We soon realized that the kitchen sink was clogged up and we could not get it unclogged. We took the pipes out under the sink to see if the clog was there, but we had to find a drain cleaning company in New Jersey and that turned into a tiny ordeal in itself. They tried all of the stuff that we had already tried, but obviously they had better snakes than the one I had had brought to me from my storage building. In the end they had to take out a section of the pipe and replace it. That was a really disgusting job. Jimmy and I went to get some barbecue from this great little place about three miles away. We took our time, but they still were not finished when we got back.

It all goes into the budget obviously and I had the guy check the rest of the plumbing while he was there, he got some barbecue with slaw and a couple of hamburger buns for his trouble. He wanted to know where we had gotten it from and I acted as though it were some sort of top secret stuff for a bit. I had to make it to basketball practice and so we did not really end up getting a lot of work done, but that is just how it goes. I seem to be a lot better at dealing with eight year old girls than I expected. Of course I make some of the mothers help out for a lot of reasons.